The Loop Data Rail

A Platform For Innovation, Collaboration and Economic Growth Through Super Fast Internet

Connect To The Future

We're building the first Gigabit Main Street, right here in St. Louis in the Delmar Loop. This fiber optic cable opens new possibilities to businesses, organizations and individuals to become more productive, innovative and creative.

Find Out How Gigabit Fiber Will Shape The Loop

Delmar Retail Study The Loop as a Community Accelerator Economic Development Impact Statement

The Data Rail

The Data Rail Gigabit fiber optic cable is beneath The Trolley tracks and under the street, transporting large amounts of data at speeds you've never seen.


Platforms for Growth


Giving everyone access to ultra-high speed Internet will be seen as a monumental step towards equality for St. Louis neighborhoods.


Internet speeds, neighborhood amenities, access to talent and knowledge give St. Louis entrepreneurs an advantage over working almost anywhere else.


Aligned with partners, The Data Rail will work like building a gigantic international port for data communications and opportunity along The Data Rail corridor.

Bud Albers

Creating this highly connected local ecosystem would be a major enabler for the retail business recruitment strategy outlined in the Delmar Retail Study.”

Bud Albers EVP & CTO Disney Interactive Media Group

Get on board with the highest speed Internet in St. Louis.

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The Loop Data Rail

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Everything Fast Starts Slowly

The Loop Data Rail was started two years ago when a feasibility study revealed that the center lane of the entire Delmar Loop would be opened up to place a Trolley line in the Loop. This creates an unprecedented opportunity to connect Gigabit internet in one of the most classic streets in America.

The Loop Data Rail Picked Up Speed.

The Loop Media Hub feasibility study received support from The City of University City, The St. Louis Development Corporation, The Washington University Office of Administration, The Skandalaris Center, The Regional Arts Commission, The Center of Creative Arts and The University City Chamber of Commerce.